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About Us

Paradise Springs Farm was started in 1999 with the intent to grow the finest quality plants and animals through Biodynamic practices.  The first 2 cows arrived in 2001 to provide raw milk and to provide fertility for the farm.  Soon after that Mike Reid began to build his Grade A facility to comply with the Idaho Raw Milk Ordinance and in 2009 Paradise Springs Farm became the first raw milk dairy ever to operate under the Idaho Raw Milk Ordinance, permit #001.

Some people have dogs and cats for pets; we have dairy cows.

We grow all of the food for the cows on our nearly 420 acre certified Biodynamic, certified organic farm in Teton Valley, Idaho, including pasture, hay, and barley.  Only rarely are off-farm inputs required; when things like extra bedding are needed, they are sourced locally from another organic farm  .Our irrigation water emerges in the form of Paradise Springs, from the bottom of a hillside adjacent to thousands of acres of National Forest and is pure enough to drink right out of the spring.

Every effort has been made to retain nature’s purity and goodness and to block out the constant increase of radiation and chemicals in the environment. This is how we have become a certified biodynamic farm in Idaho producing raw cheese, raw milk, and raw whey from the happiest Brown Swiss cows around.

a biodynamic farm dairy bull at Paradise Springs Farm in Idaho

JT (Justin Timberlake) is not just our bull but perhaps one of the most amazing beings in the cosmos. He loves hugs and scratches, expects kisses, chews on your clothes and wants to just hang.