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Brown Swiss Cows

Our brown swiss cows spend most of their time on rotating irrigated and non-irrigated pastures, with some time spent climbing hills for uncultivated morsels and winters eating homegrown herbal-grass alfalfa. They receive no concentrates, but do enjoy a little sprouted barley at milking times. For health, they get regular doses of homegrown garlic which prevents illness. All of the cows were either hand raised from 1 week old or born here in vancouver home values. They know their names and are treated like pets. All of their food is homegrown and certified organic/certified Biodynamic.

Current Milkers:

Glinda Good Witch

A living legend, “G.G.” is the original inspiration for having a dairy farm in the first place.  This 15 1/2 year old beauty sets a new standard each day for kindness and generosity, leading by example and demanding the best out of everyone around her.  6 time milker of the year and future hall of famer.


Glinda’s youngest daughter is an impressive cow, taking her responsibilities seriously while being the most loving and sweet cow around.  Always ready for milking, a love session, or whatever is happening next.  A future legend.
Rose the cow


Rose used to run out into the parking lot and greet visitors when she was a calf. She’s now (thankfully) outgrown that but still loves to be the center of attention. She’s very pushy about receiving all the right scratches. What a fun and loving cow.


Her name says it all–always ready to have pets, scratches and hugs and give all that love right back to you.  Incredibly smart and aware like her mom Auntie.  Fun is her middle name–ready for whatever comes.

Shirley Temple the cow

Shirley Temple

Temple is the prodigal cow who is wise beyond her years. Glinda’s granddaughter is full of sass and love just like her grandma—a future legend.

Cyd the cow


CC is still trying to find her rhythm, but in the near term she follows the 2 rules around here–those being, don’t jump the fence and don’t poop in the milking barn so we’re bringing her along although slowly.

Auntie Em

Glinda’s daughter may have more sass than Glinda and Temple combined. It’s hard not to have a little ego when you rate perfect and 10+ on the score card. Auntie is a little precocious at times but never anything but cuddles and kisses ever come from this prankster.

Cricket the cow


Cricket jumped three feet within hours of being born. She is smart, loving and will do anything for the sprouted barley and molasses bucket, including walk side by side with you for miles,that is if grain is in your bucket.

Owl the cow


(Princess implied) Temple’s first born and just as knowing as she is and if possible more loving.  Glinda’s great granddaughter lives up to the hype and not only takes in the love but gives it all back.  A prize and where our herd is headed from a genetic standpoint.

Owl the cow


Lilac has been a morale booster since her arrival. She is a gentle and kind being who proves her mother Rose right every day. Rose is a perfect cow who had a perfect heifer.


Owl the cow


Big, strong, gorgeous, loving.  Royalty never looked so good, and she is the perfect tribute to her hall of fame mom, Dot.  It's an honor to be in her presence, and we're looking forward to many, many years with this heifer.