Dr. Rudolf Steiner

(27 or 25 February 1861 – 30 March 1925)  Dr. Steiner gave the original lectures that define Biodynamic agriculture in a 2 week course in June of 1924.  The Biodynamic lectures illuminated a path to grow food that would not just be “stomach filler,” but food that nourishes body, mind and spirit.  Biodynamic farms are places where the Earth has been healed and therefore it can produce food that achieves those purposes.

Dr. Weston Price, DDS

(September 6, 1870 – January 23, 1948)  Dr. Price was the lead researcher for the American Dental Association and he studied the relationship between diet and dental cavities.  He traveled the world in search of cultures that had perfect teeth and he found that all of these cultures, no matter what their geographic location, had a couple things in common.  They all consumed at least 4 times the quantity of mineral and water soluble vitamins of the American diet and 10 times the amount of fat soluble vitamins (including Vit. A, D and Activator X which Dr. Price discovered).  None of these cultures had access to white sugar, white flour, canned food, pasteurized or skim milk, or refined vegetable oils—these foods cause inflammations which produce cavities, arthritis, and other modern diseases.  The combination of lack of fat soluble vitamins and the eating of these processed foods was clearly demonstrated by Dr. Price to be the chief cause of not just cavities in teeth, but narrowed dental arches that no longer have enough room for all the teeth, birth defects, mental problems, and increased susceptibility to infectious and chronic diseases.  Foods high in fat soluble vitamins include butterfat from cows eating fresh pasture, marine fish oils, organ meats, fish and shellfish, eggs and animal fats.  The hope he leaves us with is that although degeneration occurs when eating poorly, such stops immediately when one eats correctly.  He often recommended his patients eat a teaspoon of raw pasture butter and a teaspoon of cod liver oil daily to supply themselves with enough fat soluble vitamins.  “Life in all it’s fullness is Mother Nature obeyed.”