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half gallon of certified Biodynamic raw milk

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Raw Milk

Health: Raw milk, and more specifically pure, certified Biodynamic raw milk is one of the most nutritious things you can eat. Raw milk from my healthy, grass fed Brown Swiss cows is a whole, unprocessed food that is rich in CLA’s and probiotics, promotes healthy immune systems and digestive systems, and helps to prevent asthma and allergies in children. Pasteurization and homogenization change the properties of milk to make them better for the large creamery and nearly worthless or even dangerous for the consumer (see www.westonaprice.org).

Freshness: The earliest that most milk arrives on the store shelf is over a week after it left the cow. Major creameries don’t worry about freshness because their products are dead and will remain in the same state for long periods of time. My milk is a live product with active cultures and a finite shelf life: usually around 3 weeks. All milk is bottled within a day of leaving the cow and is on the shelf within 2 days. I put the date of bottling on the cap so you know just how fresh your milk is when you buy it.

Safety: The Idaho State Raw Milk ordinance requires the highest standards for all aspects of milking and bottling. Cows entering the milking parlor must come from a clean place, be completely clean and have valid health certificates, and we’re happy to say that the cows have been trained not to defecate in the parlor during milking. I know of no other dairy to have achieved this standard.

The grade A milking parlor was designed to be as clean as a hospital operating room during milking. The milk filter at a regular organic dairy might have feces, blood, pus, mastitic material, or other unwanted contaminants that the milk supply flows over before you drink it. Our milk is clean and so are our milk filters. Producing milk this pure and clean takes extra time and love but it’s worth it to feel safe about drinking raw milk.